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Beyond the Boundaries, over the Expectation


? ? I am Dr. Mohammad Arman Hossain. Currently studying Master’s in Urology in Chongqing Medical University under CSC scholarship. Except this I do not have nothing much to introduce myself right now, rather than having my wonderful Daughter Alvina Aeedah Hossain (Ayaat) and my lovely wife Dr. Jannatul Maoya Bashanti (Alin). From my childhood I have a intention in my mind to study or work abroad, as I saw some of my family members living outside of my country Bangladesh. So Foreign countries are always so much fascinating to me, to prove myself and my ability. I finished my MBBS(Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) from Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2012. I also passed the toughest and Respected Government job “BCS Health” in my country in 2013 and served my Nation for several months. Even though I always wanted to come outside of my country and see the outer world, experienced the new culture, learn the new techniques in my field and new inventions.

??? With this intention I went to Maldives in 2015 and joined in a Government job there in their Highest tertiary level hospital Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. The work schedule was pretty busy, though all tiredness became vanished by seeing the splendid natural beauty of Maldives. My hospital was on sea side. I used to pass my leisure time by watching the blue water of the sea and the waves. Sometimes luckily I got the chance to watch a bunch of Dolphin, passing by just in front of the beach. It was really an amazing feeling. I worked there in Casualty and Emergency, in ENT department and also in Orthopedics and ICU with a very good reputation. My all Senior Doctor’s and Colleagues loved me a lot. And I still miss them a lot. However like the sea wave, life always goes on and never waits for anybody. I returned back to my country in 2017, because of the birth of my Daughter Ayaat. Becoming a father for the first time, I think nobody can express that feeling.

? ? Again my mind starts humming for coming some other countries. With that intention and By the help of my Almighty I meet with an wonderful person Dr. Misbahul Ferdous. Who was doing his PhD in Cardiology from Shandong University at that time. Whatever I tell about him, will be less. He is at a time my Brother, My Mentor and My Guardian. He advised me to broaden my vision and think big. He also make me realized the necessity of post-graduation. By his unbelievable help I make it possible to come here in China. From the very Beginning of my medical life, I wanted to be a Big Surgeon. I don’t know why, but I like the surgery very much. It always gives me a vibe, while I see some Surgeon’s or any surgery. Even before my final exam’s result was published, I used to go Operation Theater with my senior brother, just to right use of my free time and to watch surgery. So I came here in Chongqing Medical University, to study Master’s in Surgery.

???? Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Ali (Dr. Lee), who is the person to introduce me with my Supervisor Professor He Weiyang, a very well-known Urologist in First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. Dr. Lee is also an extraordinary and super talented Surgeon and at the same times an amazing brother. Without his help may be it would be quiet impossible for me to become lucky enough to meet with my Supervisor. I cannot repay the kindness of him. My supervisor is a very good Surgeon and at the same times a very kind hearted person. From the very beginning he helped me in every possible way. Chongqing is a very beautiful and developed metropolitan city of China. And the location of my University and my Hospital is in a very convenient place. I feel very lucky to get myself admitted in Chongqing Medical University. Especially the Hospital and the Operation Theater, attracts me a lot. Without coming here, I would not have any idea how developed they are. Professor He took me to the operation theater in very first day and allows me to assist with him. The charm and the well-equipped operation theater attract me more and more every day. Among these all, the Da Vinci robot, which was always my dream to see, become true after coming here. Professor He, who is well trained of the Da Vinci Robot, also gave me the chance to observe his Da Vinci robotic surgery. Da Vinci is a third generation advanced robotic system to perform complex procedures with precision. Professor He guided me in such a way that, I never feel down or alone in China.

? ? In the indoor patient department, everything is also so well managed by the well qualified nurses, which is just mind blowing. One thing what I noticed here is, everybody in here is so hard working and also so much into timetable, what make this place an extraordinary one. I feel very lucky by getting some very much experienced and talented surgeon’s and a bunch of kind hearted friends. I always welcomed to my Chinese friends in every problem, whether in Hospital or related to home. My department head Professor Gou is also very much caring to me, as I am the only foreign students here in Urology department. Whenever I got the chance to meet with him, he advised me something beneficial for me and my career. It is my great luck to observe and assist minimally invasive surgery and modern precision surgery from these very much experienced surgeons of First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University.

? ? One thing I really want to mention is, just few days back I got the chance to attend one seminar, presented by a famous Urologist from USA Professor Philip S. Li, M.D. It was about, “Care, Discover, and Teach”, how can small urological procedures make a big impact in global Urology and Andrology? Those just boost up my thoughts and career plan a thousand times. After the seminar, we had a long conversation regarding future plan and improvement. I just feel so much great full to Professor S. Li, for his valuable time he gave to us. I also want to mention that, his father was one of the founders of our Chongqing Medical College. So I feel it is just worth coming over the boundaries of my Homeland and getting beyond my expectation here in China. And I am very much hopeful, that if I can finish my post-graduation from here successfully, my life and my career will be way more outrageous than my dream.

? ? Wherever or in which position I am in now, I want to give this full credit to my Mother Nazma Begum, an unbelievable woman. Because of her consistent wish and irresistible effort I become a Doctor. She was among the very few patient of Bangladesh, when first time laparoscopic cholecystectomy was introduced in Bangladesh in 1995. So she prayed to Allah her son to be a very big Surgeon like the Surgeon, who did my mother’s Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. ?After that I am so much obliged to my father Mohammad Anwar Hossain. Even after his blindness by suffering from a sudden attack of Glaucoma, he managed the family without even let us know the hard time he was passing through. I am also grateful to my older brother Mohammad Afzal Hossain, currently working as a Software Engineer in USA and my younger brother Mohammad Arafat hossain doing his Bachelor’s in USA.

? ? My future plan is to finish my Master’s degree first and learn the Minimal Invasive Surgery as much as possible and improve my clinical knowledge. And after that I want to start PhD. During my Phd period I want to learn the wide variety of minimal invasive and microscopic surgical procedures and build up my surgical skills as much as possible. And another target is to learn Da Vinci robotic surgery under the supervision of Professor He. As open surgical procedure is almost abolished in modern surgery. And day by day Minimal Invasive surgery is taking the field. So I want to be well experienced in all these things, at least as much as possible. As this high technology is not still not that much common in Bangladesh. So I think it will be a great scope for me to serve my Home country people with this high efficiency. I can teach some junior surgeons also about all these updated technical skills. And also help the people of our country by this minimal invasive surgical procedures, which will take them very short recovery time to heal from any surgical procedures.

? ? With all this ambitions in life I want to establish a very good everlasting friendship between Bangladesh and China in my field of Surgery. Which will not only help the Surgeons between two countries, but also the patients will also become much more beneficial. ??

? ? Dr. Mohammad Arman Hossain, a masters student in Urology Department at First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, on a CSC Scholarship.